Note from the Creator

Entrepreneurship is cool, and so is chemistry! Both are full of actions, reactions, explosions, experiments, and most importantly, they both give the joy and excitement of creating something new!

With support from my teachers, advisers, artists-from-around-the-globe, friends, and family, I am now very pleased to release the Elementeo game as the first product of my company, Alchemist Empire, Inc. 

Elementeo is a game where you create compounds, combat elements, and conquer with chemistry... A game of battle, chemical reactions, and science... And a game that kids, teenagers, college students, teachers, scientists, parents, and grandparents can all play and enjoy.

My entrepreneurial journey has been a wild adventure.  I've learned a lot, have had a blast, and am excited to be working on the second version of Elementeo.  

Have fun with the elements. Create, combat, and conquer!™

Anshul Samar
Founder and CEO, Alchemist Empire, Inc.

Current Profile:

Grade: 12th Grader in Bellarmine College Preparatory, Silicon Valley, California, USA. 

Activities: Music (Drums, Guitar, Keyboard), Speech-and-Debate, basketball, impressions, poetry, international cuisine, and Youth Empowerment Seminar (Art of Living) activities.

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