I couldn't have done without them...

I was very fortunate to have discovered a great set of artists around the globe who gave life to the personality of my elements, compounds, and alchemist cards. 

I would like to thank them all for all the work in making this game very appealing.  They may have all come from different time zones, different nationalities, different art style, but they all were great at creating life in my cards.  Thank you!

Sean Seal: Sean from Michigan was the first artist whom I had engaged. I was a bit nervous during my first phone call that he would dismiss me away after hearing my voice, but he took my project very seriously, and came up with sketches that were just lovely.  

Cara Nilsen:  What could be better than having an art teacher do all the compound creatures!  I was fortunate to find Ms. Nilsen who normally teaches art fundamentals in Orange County, California.  She is fond of creating her own dramatic fantasy illustrations for teens. 

Corne: An expert in reading my mind and coming up with out-of-the-world type of sketches, they did the Alchemist cards and some of the element cards.  I now have a friend in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Massive Brain:  I would have liked them do more, but these artists from India could only do 4  element cards for me.  It was always "OMG" on the first sketches.

Ginormous Industries: This is a marketing and design company that did the box cover for us.  I was lucky to get them -- they typically work only for the very top game companies (and yes, I mean the top ones).

Webgrity:  Working through time zones was a bit tricky, but these artists from India did a great job in the various logos and icons for Alchemist Empire and Elementeo.

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