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  • reviews 
  • BoardgameGeek Ray Hosler: Elementeo as a Game 
  • Bill Harris: The Kid Gift Guide for Christmas
  • Digital Bits Science Lab
  • Scholastic Science World, Sept 08 (page 21-22) 
  • Scholastic Science World, Sept 08 (actual text)
  • 82% of the 110 8th grade kids thought that Elementeo was better or much better than the other board games

News and Coverage

  • Cover story on CHEMCOS: Journal of The Chemical Society, IIT Delhi, July 08
  • "Elementary, My Dear" Interview by Poloppo, June 15
  • Interview by Radio KVOK, Bob River's show, June 10
  • New York Times: At the Top of his Game, May 25
  • Interview by Cogito (Connecting Young Thinkers through out the world), Amy Thomson, John Hopkins University
  • Business Section of San Jose Mercury News, the Silicon Valley Newspaper, May 09, 08
  • SDForum's Teen and Tech Conf., Palo Alto, May 13,
  • American Chemical Society (ACS), New Orleans, Apr
  • Zdnet Emerging Tech blog on Elementeo (April '08)
  • Geekdad on Elementeo (April '08)
  • Kidzworld interviews Anshul (April '08)
  • PC World: Meet the WhizKids:10 Overachievers Under 21
  • PC World: The Whiz Kid Files: Anshul Samar
  • 45 minute Talk on "Being a Catalyst" to National Academy of Science, Washington, DC.

Earlier Blogs and Buzzz

  • VentureBeat's Mark Coker: "Elementeo’s 13-year-old CEO, highlight of TiECON"
  • Clif of "Clif's Notes" on the Elementeo way
  • Digerati Life: "5 of The Youngest Entrepreneurs..."
  • Kavita Chibber: "Anshul Samar: The Wunder Kid of Entrepreneurship"
  • Zoli's blog: "TiEcon 2007: "The New Face of Entrepreneurship" is a 13-year old CEO"
  • Digital Crusader: "Serious Games: Elementeo"
  • DIGG: "13-Year-Old CEO, Highlight of TiECON"
  • Slashdot: "13-Year-Old CEO Steals the Show..."
  • And many many more...

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