Elementeo at TiEcon 2007

About Us

We had the opportunity to be at the TiE Annual Entrepreneur Conference in Santa Clara on 18 and 19th May 2007. It was a lot of fun with many many people coming to the booth. This included angels, entrepreneurs, parents, teachers, press, and also some kids. I even got a chance to talk to Meg Whitman, CEO of Ebay.

At this conference, we talked and talked and talked.... and got pages of pre-orders... A big thanks to TiE for giving us a chance to show our product.  A big thanks to my friends William and Daniel for helping me out for the conference, and of course to the parents who helped us learn how to manage the booth.  And yes, thanks to Shailee, my sister, who became fluent in chemistry in almost no time.

Here am I speaking to the attendees of the TIE Conference.


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