Elementeo at Lyceum

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Having been a member of the Lyceum group for many years, and having attending many  very interesting seminars offered by them, I finally had the honor to offer a seminar on my chemistry card game and entrepreneurship on May 3, 2008 in San Jose, CA.

There were 14 kids ranging from 4th to 7th grade who came for the seminar.  Over the next two hours we played the first four levels of the game: Element, Reaction, Compound, and Alchemy level. I was amazed by how quickly everyone was able to understand not just the game, but also the relevance of the elements and compounds in our world.

It was very cool to see they liking the game and complaining that they wanted to play the game for more time. They were even willing to buy my prototypes!

We ended the session with a quiz amongst two teams, and I was once again very surprised by the number of hands that went up for every single question.

Photographs of 4-7th graders from Lyceum playing Elementeo

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