New Chemistry Card Game Injects Fun and Fantasy into Learning

Game Transports Kids to the Fascinating World of Chemistry Through Battle

National Association of the Gifted Conference, TAMPA, Florida — November 1, 2008 — Alchemist Empire, Inc. today launched its first product – Elementeo, a Chemistry Card Game that injects fun and fantasy into learning and transports kids to the fascinating world of chemistry.  Designed by Anshul Samar, a 14 year old and now a high school freshman in California, the game caters to kids’ natural draw to fun, fantasy, and battle.


Elementeo pioneers a novel way of introducing elements and compounds by giving them power and personality based upon their chemical properties. For example, Oxygen Energizer rusts metals, Lead Sentry blocks attacks, and Lithium Leprechaun stores pots of batteries.  Elementeo ushers a learning style that excites and energizes kids of all ages.


In the patent-pending Elementeo Chemistry Card game, players use their army of element and compound cards to move across the battlefield and reduce their opponent’s electrons to zero.  They rust metals, neutralize acids, and activate nuclear reactions.  The element’s attack power is based upon its oxidation state, its movement on the battlefield depends upon the card’s physical state, and its name and description is based upon its use in our world.


The players can even combine the element cards to make compounds.  For example, Sodium Dragon and Chlorine Troll combine to become Salt.  The players can attack their opponents by activating Alchemy cards such as Black holes, Nuclear Reactions, and Supernovas.


The game box includes two decks of 40 fascinating elements each, 19 charismatic compounds, 20 out-of-the-world alchemy cards, 30 electron chips and a battlefield.


The player’s age can be anywhere from age 9 (or even younger) to 99 year old, and requires no exposure to chemistry.   Elementeo can be played by 2 to 6 players.  It has 5 different game levels to introduce different aspects of chemistry and science including Element, Reaction, Compound, Alchemy, and Fusion.  Each level builds upon the prior levels, and introduces more learning, strategy, competition, and fun.


“It was great to see that more than 82% of my 110 classmates in 8th grade thought that the Elementeo game was better or much better than other board games out there,” said Anshul Samar, CEO and Founder of Alchemist Empire, Inc., the makers of the Elementeo Chemistry Card Game. “While the players were busy battling, dueling, and having fun, they were indirectly learning about elements, compounds, properties, oxidation states, atomic numbers, and symbols.”


Anshul Samar would be giving a talk at National Association of the Gifted Conference titled, “Being a Catalyst for Creative Minds: A View from a 14 Year Old CEO of a Chemistry Card Game Company” on November 1, 2008.   He will also be giving a workshop – “Create, Combat, and Conquer with a 14 yr old Entrepreneur” where he would demonstrate the Elementeo Game and how he created the game.  Alchemist Empire will be exhibiting the Elementeo game at the conference.


What People Have Said About the Elementeo Chemistry Card Game?


“Real science, engaging battles, cool illustrations; what’s not to love about Elementeo?” said Ms. M. Lipson, a parent from Forest Hills, NY.  “I think kids and adults everywhere will enjoy this game!” 


“Elementeo immediately grabbed the attention of my 110 8th grade students regardless of their interest in chemistry,” said Mrs. Molly Gigliotti, an 8th grade science teacher from California. “They played for 50 minutes and didn’t want to put it away even when the bell rang!  It was exciting to watch the kids gain and apply their chemistry knowledge while playing and see them ask questions throughout the game.”


“Elementeo wonderfully packs fun, fantasy and facts about elements and compounds,” says Ms. Gineen O’Neil, School Administrator and a parent from Downers Grove, IL.  “It is not only my 7 year old who loves this game, but also high schools that use the game as a teaching tool.” 


“I played Elementeo 6 times in a row before recommending it to my family and elementary school teachers,” said Eli Chait, Junior in University of California, Berkeley. “I have thought a lot about how a 14 year old kid was able to make a game that was fun first and educational second, and I have come to the conclusion that Anshul is the only person capable of creating such a compelling game that lets the players forget that they are even learning! Even 3 months after I initially played the game, I vividly remember the personalities of his element cards.”


"I like Elementeo because I learned how the chemistry elements can fight with each other using their special tricks," said Anooj Vadodkar, a 3rd grader in California. "It was fun, and I really really liked playing the game with my 3rd grade cousin and 9th grade brother. I hope to complete all the five levels one day, and become the master!" 


“This young inventor has stumbled upon something that will stimulate minds and make people more interested in science,” said Dr. Tom Lane, President Elect, American Chemical Society.


"Elementeo teaches kids to see elements and compounds not as boring things to be memorized but as interesting personalities and powerful agents at work in the world.  Which is of course exactly how real chemists and scientists see them.  If they come away from the game remembering a fun fact about an element, or understanding the basic notions of bonding and charge, they will have a powerful head start in understanding chemistry." Said Theodore Gray, co-founder of Wolfram Research (makers of Mathematica), Popular Science columnist, and Proprietor of


“Elementeo builds on games like Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon by appealing to kids with its fun factor, but also focusing on the education side. The world should take notice.” Peter Adkison, CEO of Hidden City Games, and former CEO of Wizards of the Coast (the makers of Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon).


“The California Association for the Gifted (CAG) is always looking for ways to support and encourage gifted students.  Anshul Samar, a young entrepreneur, was awarded a $500 grant from CAG to assist him in his innovative endeavors,” said Dana Reupert, President, and Marilyn Lane, Past President of California Association for the Gifted.  “We are delighted with his success in combining education and fun to introduce chemistry to students through his Elementeo Chemistry Card Game.” 


Pricing and Availability

 The Elementeo Chemistry Card Game is available in the US for $24.95, and can be ordered through  


About Alchemist Empire, Inc.

Alchemist Empire, Inc., the makers of the Elementeo Chemistry Card Game, is a California Corporation.  For more information, please visit


Anshul Samar, the CEO of Alchemist Empire, Inc., is a 9th grader in Bellarmine College Preparatory, California. 


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