The Elementeo Chemistry Card Game helps kids explore science and chemistry through gaming!  
In Elementeo, elements have their own personality and fight with each other using their properties and oxidation states – Oxygen Life Giver rusts metals, Copper Cyclops shocks element cards around him, and Helium Genie airlifts element cards in balloons.  Throughout the game, players create compounds, combat with element reactions, and conquer their opponent with black holes and slippery bases.

The best part? You don't have to know any chemistry to play! What better way to learn chemistry than while having fun!

Presented at the American Chemical Society Annual Conference, National Academies of Sciences, and the National Association of Gifted Children Conference, Elementeo has excited students, teachers, parents, and scientists as an innovative way of igniting interest in chemistry for 3th to 8th graders. 

The Elementeo game sold out on in August 2011. The next version of the Elementeo game will be released in 2012. 

Our new website, which is under development, will even show sneak peeks of new element, compound, and alchemy cards in the next Elementeo game (including Vanadium Viking, Gallium Gorilla, and Citric Acid)! Stay tuned!

Age group: 9+ 

Number of players: 2-6

Time: 15 min/game

Levels: Element, Reactions, Compound, Alchemy, Fusion 

Chemistry Background required: none

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