Mike Cassidy's Article in Mercury News

Appeared in Silicon Valley's San Jose Mercury News on 9th May 2008

It was a big surprise to get a call from Mike Cassidy, a very respected reporter for San Jose Mercury News on 7th May 2008 afternoon.  He and Josie Lepe (Photographer) came over that same evening to our home for an interview and photo session. 

I really enjoyed talking to him; Ms. Lepe was quick on the camera while we were talking.

When I woke up on Friday morning and saw the newspaper, I was first expecting a column on the side of the newspaper somewhere, and when I couldn't see it there, I was just a bit sad.  My Dad then nudged me to look at the center of the page, and there I was.....  OMG!

The same article has since then showed up in many places including Alaska, Hawaii, Columbus, LA, Modesto, San Antonio, Baltimore, and many other places.  If any of you see at other places, can you please email the article's photograph to [email protected]

Business Cover Page of San Jose Mercury News, 9 May 08

 Continuation Page

Text of the article

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