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The Elementeo Game is sold out on Amazon.com! The next version of the game will be released in 2012. Stay tuned for more details! 

If you are from Europe, you can buy Elementeo from Grasshopper Toys.

If you are a retailer, please email .

Game Reviews:

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  • Digital Bits Science Lab 
  • Scholastic Science World, Sept 08 (page 21-22 of PDF)
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What people have said about the game.

NOTE:  The game box includes two wrapped packs of cards, each of which contains two decks.  So, while it may seem that two decks are missing, they are actually packaged together.

Elementeo Game includes:

40 blue element cards
40 red element cards
19 compound cards
20 alchemy cards
30 electron chips
Battlefield & rulebook

Age group: 9-99 although 7-8 yr olds can play.

Number of players: Ideally 2 but upto 6 can play.

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