Elementeo Chemistry Card Game

International Orders (non US)


Pay through your Paypal account or your own credit card.

Each Elementeo game costs $29.95. 

For US customers: Please buy the Elementeo game for $29.95 from amazon.com.  The game ships FREE with Amazon.com's Super Saver Shipping.

For customers from Europe, you can also order the game from Grasshopper Toys.

For non-US international customers, shipping costs would vary from $12 (For Canada), to $23 (for almost rest of the world) per game.  If you want to buy more than 6 or more games, or if you are a retailer, please write directly to me at "orders @ www.elementeo.com" [Remove the space before sending email.]

Customs and other taxes, if any, would be the responsibility of the buyer.  We ship our games through "US Postal Service (USPS)", but once we mail the games, it is your responsibility to handle the customs and other government obligations.  If you want tracking, that may typically cost $10 or more depending upon what USPS charges me.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL, and the games once shipped cannot be returned.

You will be directed to the Paypal web site for processing your credit card.  You do NOT need Paypal account to pay for this game.

Elementeo Game includes:

40 blue element cards

40 red element cards

19 compound cards

20 alchemy cards

30 electron chips

Battlefield & rulebook

Age group: 9-99 although 7-8 yr olds can play.

Number of players: Ideally 2 but upto 6 can play.

Language: English

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