Our aim is to combine fun, excitement, education, and chemistry, all in one grand concoction!   We don't want to create a fantasy wizard world or create a boring education textbook world, but combine the two where fun and learning come together without clashing!   

Each Elementeo card has fantasy, education, and fun all mixed in.  From the education side, each element card includes the facts on the atomic number,  atomic mass, element family, physical state at room temperature, oxidation state, and symbol of the element.   These facts are interwoven in the game in fun ways.

The card description includes details about how the card can be played in the game and its properties and use. It's magical and mystical descriptions talk about a whole another world that the elements live in.  If you are worried about kids not reading the description, don't worry, they will, because without that it is impossible to activate reactions and effects that would aid you in the game.

Compound cards include the compound formula and its physical state.   

Alchemy cards include a wide range of chemistry and physics subjects introduced within the context of a battle. 

So far not many products have been made that can teach kids something in a fun and interesting way.  Think about all the other trading card games that are popular right now.   There is lot of fun but ZERO education in those cards.  Think of all the textbooks -- very educational, yes, but fun and interesting, not really. And although other educational games claim that they are fun to play --- Elementeo takes fun to a whole new level. And anyways, wouldn't you rather have your kids play something that was extremely fun, and educational at the same time?    

If you give textbooks to students they’ll learn for a day; if you mix fun into the learning, they’ll explore for a lifetime! 

Welcome to Elementeo…

evil scientist mixing potions

Textbooks: noun

1. Boring but educational

2. Not used by choice

Elementeo: Game

1. Fun, excitement, learning

2. Kids love it

3. aka Not-boring

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