The Element cards are the infantry for your army, and form the basis for everything, from attack to defense.


Understanding the Cards

The cards show the following:

  • Element Symbol and Element Name
  • Element Family, or Tribe as we call it
  • Atomic Mass and Atomic Number
  • Power:  This is shown by spheres at the bottom left.  This is also the element's oxidation state.
  • Movement: Shown with an arrow: up/down, sideways, or all around on the battleground.  This depends upon the state of the element at room temperature (solid, liquid, gas).

Hint, Hint...

In the card description, you would find interesting clues about the card element, including how it is used, and its interaction. But more than that, it includes clues that are very useful in finding out some special properties that can be used for attacking and defending.

The Game

Game Turns 


The Battlefield  

Compound Cards

Alchemy Cards


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