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    The Elementeo Chemistry Card Game (v2) brings elements, compounds, chemistry, and science to life. Elementeo includes five different levels (element, reaction, compound, alchemy, and fusion) and has 50 elements, 25 compounds, and 25 alchemy cards, not to mention blank cards for you to create characters of your own. The goal of the game is to cross the field, capture your opponent’s electrons, and reduce them to zero. Elementeo (V2) can be played by 2 – 4 people and is recommended for kids of ages 8 and above.

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  • The world is a play of elements. They act, react, mix, and explode to create every single plant, animal, volcano, and planet in our universe. 50 elements come alive through the Elementeo Chemistry Card Game (v2).

    Each element has a personality, illustration, and story. You will also find the element’s symbol, atomic mass, atomic number, family/type, and Lewis dot structure on the card. In Elementeo, elements interact with properties and oxidation states. Gases move in diagonal directions on the field, solids move up, and liquids move up/down/left/right. Oxygen Life-Giver can rust metals, Copper Cyclops can shock cards around him, and Helium Genie can lift element cards in balloons.

  • We are surrounded by elements, but the wonders of the world come to life when elements combine and create compounds. Some help us live, others make this world, and some simply like to explode.

    In the Elementeo Chemistry Card Game (v2), you can combine elements to make 25 different compounds from Salt and Glucose to Citric Acid and Carbon Dioxide. Compounds have more strength and can help you quickly win the game — and like elements, you can use their special properties in the game. Glucose makes energy, Salt preserves a card, and Propane gives you fuel for three more actions this turn turn!

  • No exploration of science and chemistry is complete without supernovas, black holes, nuclear fusion, and Isaac Newton. 25 Alchemy cards — from Speedy Catalysts to Electric Circuit – bring chemistry and science concepts to life.

    After all, who wouldn’t want to use Black Hole’s gravity to take all opponent cards for a turn or to get a visit from the famous chemist wizards of the world?