The Team

While our startup, Alchemist Empire, Inc., is located in Cupertino, CA, those that help bring Elementeo to life live all around the world, from Argentina and Indonesia to Michigan.

Contact: Follow us on Twitter/Facebook to keep up with the new and noteworthy from the team and email us with any questions and inquiries at [email protected]

Also check out our newest blog by Anshul/Varun on running Elementeo and freshman life at Stanford!

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  • Founder and CEO: Anshul is the founder of Alchemist Empire, Inc. and the creator of Elementeo. He is a freshman at Stanford University.
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  • Artists: Sean Seal, Enroc, White Lions, Cara Nilsen, Massive Brain, Ginormous Industries, Deborah Saez, and Webgrity.
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  • Advisors: Gilman Louie (Alsop Louie Partners), Satish Gupta (TiE), Theodore Gray (Wolfram Research), Peter Adkison (Hidden City Games), Allison Tilley (Pillsbury Law Firm).
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  • App Developer: Extensio Software, Inc. We are currently looking for iOS and Android developers — if you would like to join, please send us an email at [email protected] with your resume.