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The Elementeo game-box consists of 2 Element decks, Compound deck, Alchemy Deck, Battlefield, Electrons, Rulebook and a dice.  After you get your game, unwrap the two plastic wrapped bundles of cards, and separate them.


This is the bulk of your army… from Hydrogen Sorceress and metals like Iron Centaur to halogens like Fluorine Griffin and to Noble gases like Helium Genie; these creatures are the ones that will bring you victory!  Each element has his/her own whimsical persona and character.

Each element card includes the name, symbol, atomic number, family, natural state and oxidation state of that particular element.   The red and the blue deck have the same cards.


You can combine your own elements or your opponent's elements to create compounds, creatures of immense strength and power! 

The compounds have power similar to the elements, and they can also move in multiple directions based upon whether they are solid, gas, or liquid.




These cards help you throughout the game by boosting up your element’s power or letting you destroy an opponent's card.

These Alchemy cards don't really fight with your cards on the battleground, but help you in your goal to smash your opponent's electrons.

And we couldn't have done it without our wonderful artists! Check them out here.

Element Cards: These are the creatures that attack, defend, and combat!

Compound Cards: Stronger and more powerful, these vicious creatures are combination of other elements and will take you to victory!

Alchemy Cards: These cards make very interesting changes to the game dynamics and the battleground.  Some are catalysts, some nuclear, and some meta-physical.

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