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Elementeo is a strategic battle game where you use your elements to cross the battlefield and reduce your opponent’s electrons to zero.  You using their reactionary powers and moving properties of the elements and compounds.  For example, you can use Oxygen to rust any neighboring metallic elements or you can use Copper Conductor to shock any metals and send them back to the deck.

NOTE:  The game box includes two wrapped packs of cards, each of which contains two decks.  So, while it may seem that two decks are missing, they are actually packaged together.

Game Overview

The game starts by placing 3 elements on the battleground (a 5 x 5 grid), and then moving them based upon whether they are solid, gas, or liquid.

When your cards are face-to-face with your opponent's cards, you can attack them with your card's power (which is its oxidation state).  When you reach the last row of the battlefield, you can directly attack your opponent's electrons.  The game is over when one side reduces the electrons of the other side to ZERO.

Different Game Levels

Elementeo has a variety of playing levels, each with different concoctions of challenge, strategy, and fun:

Element Level - This is the starting level of the game, where you play only with the elements.  It helps you become familiar with the game as well as how your troops move, attack, and defend.  Here is a slide show of some of the elements, thanks to Amy Thompson from Cogito.

Reaction Level - This level adds the reaction powers (properties) of elements to your arsenal for fighting your opponents.

Compound Level – In this level, you can create powerful compounds out of your elements and make your army even stronger.

Alchemy Level – Now you get to fight with alchemy cards with out-of-the-world weapons, catalysts, and nuclear reactions. 

Fusion Level – Here you create your own army to beat your opponent.

Age Group

All these levels may be played by 2, 4 or even 6 players.  The game can be played by anyone 8 and above, though we have seen younger kids play it too and have fun.  We have also seen many high school students and college kids (Stanford and Berkeley, for example) who really enjoyed the game and became very competitive.

Game Reviews 

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Element Cards

Compound Cards 

Alchemy Cards

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